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JoiBiz Support
Our call centers and NOC are located in USA, and are staffed with VoIP and Data specialists 365 days a year.

Monday - Friday 8am to 1am Eastern
Weekends 10am to 6:30pm Eastern

Toll Free: 877-JOI-BIZ-1 or 877-564-2491
Local: 770-504-5641

e-mail: support@joiBIZ.COM



JoiBiz provides enhanced communications services to SoHo and SMB. JoiBiz 911 service operates differently than tradition 911. See www.JoiBiz.com/911.htm. Credit Card and High-Speed Internet required. Alarms and other systems may not be compatible with JoiBiz. Plan prices exclude taxes, 911 fees, recovery cost, setup fee and shipping. Sign-up to JoiBiz today and start saving money on all your telephone calls.