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Marketing Services Firm Boosts Productivity with JoiBiz Hosted PBX

February 10th, 2010

In a weak economy, there’s no shortage of companies looking to save a few bucks, especially when it comes to business communications.
And Precision Analytics, a marketing services company, is no exception. As the company’s costs for six phone lines and T-1 Circuit for Internet service continued to rise, company officials searched for an affordable solution. And the firm found it with JoiBiz, an Atlanta-based communications solution provider.
The company contacted JoiBiz to sign up for its Hosted PBX (News - Alert) business phone service. JoiBiz Hosted PBX offers customers voice and PBX services for $50 a month. The service includes unlimited lines, channels and unlimited extensions. Customers just pay a hosting and maintenance fee for the PBX. The platform offers features including multiple auto-attend based on time of day, dial by name, call queue, featuring unlimited caller holding and announces the caller its place in line every 60 seconds
As a result, Precision Analytics saves more than $400 a month on its phone bill expenses and now has unlimited phones lines and extensions so employees don’t have to worry about future growth or clients reaching busy signals.
 “We went with JoiBiz because of the pricing model - they don’t charge by “seat’, or number of lines, like all of the other VOIP companies - and the huge number of features that the PBX system had to offer,” Larry Feil, CEO of Precision Analytics, said. “We have unlimited lines and extension, so we don’t have to worry about future growth or busy signals for our clients when they call us.”
As part of the service, JoiBiz also manages Precision Analytics system, so there’s no need for an IT person on staff to make adjustments as the business grows, he said.
Cost savings isn’t the only benefit. Feil said customer satisfaction – in this case, keeping customer frustration to a minimum - with the service is another plus. With a number of employees who work remotely, Precision Analytics is a big fan of JoiBiz’s “follow-me” feature. With it, clients don’t know they are talking employees when they are out of the office. Perhaps the best “follow me” feature is the voicemail to e-mail integration.
“When a client leaves a voicemail, it instantly is sent to our employees e-mail,” Feil said. “This is nice as it give us one central point of contact, our computer, to get all communications from our clients. We can also access our e-mail from any smartphone or remote computer, so we can always stay in touch with our clients.”
With JoiBiz’s business phone service, Feil said the company is receiving better value because employees can use all of the systems’ features, such as call recording, call routing and the conference call service.
“We are a technology company so it is very important to us to be using the last technology to service our clients,” Feil said. “We are also starting several new divisions and this will allow us to use the same system to handle all the calls for each division through the same system.”


About JoiBiz
Headquartered in Atlanta, JoiBiz, LLC Hosted PBX is a unique innovative and affordable platform that offers key features not available in many traditional PBX systems. JoiBiz’s turnkey communication solution is designed to help users achieve their business objectives by increasing efficiency and productivity and lowering their bottom line cost. For more information about JoiBiz and JoiPBX, visit

About Precision Analytic
Precision Analytic is a group of companies that was created to offer businesses and organization smart marketing services. The marketing paradigm has shifted away from traditional media. Now businesses must use NEW marketing tools which revolve around the internet. Precision Analytics  helps businesses dramatically expand their  marketing results with a suite of tools and services that IDENTIFY customers and PREDICT and TRACK each customer response. Our team is singularly focused on RESULTS:  From start to finish, we’ll gather data, track and test how your customers are responding. 

Our clients say working with Precision Analytics makes them “market smart.”  They now know their customers inside-out.  They have more confidence in the marketing process.  And they know what they have to spend, and where to spend it, to get results.

Our process is simple:  We combine hard data and industry best practices with strategic messaging and advanced tools for reaching prospects and monitoring and measuring results.  The result?  A knowledge-based, methodical approach our clients love -- because it puts them in the driver’s seat…Call 1 888.261.0951

Amy Tierney is a Web editor for TMCnet, covering business communications Her areas of focus include conferencing, SIP, Fax over IP, unified communications and telepresence. Amy also writes about education and healthcare technology, overseeing production of e-Newsletters on those topics as well as communications solutions and UC. To read more of Amy's articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Amy Tierney