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December 08, 2009

Health Clinic Nets $10,000 in Savings with JoiBiz's Business Phone Service

These days, companies are constantly searching for ways to save money to economize. Some businesses are slashing the travel budgets, whereas others are cutting back on their communication and video services.

But one area where more and more businesses are seeing cost savings is with their business phone service. And JoiBiz, an Atlanta-based communications solution provider, can help.

JoiBiz, LLC, is powered by Hawk Communications, a company that been building and innovating its IP and voice networks for more than 10 years. The company recently launched its hosted PBX ( News - Alert) platform, “JoiPBX,” it developed in-house based on its vast expertise in IP and IT, and 10 years experience in the market place.
The JoiBiz Hosted PBX platform offers key features such as: multiple auto-attend based on time of day, dial by name, call queue, featuring unlimited caller holding and announces the caller its place in line every 60 seconds.
While other companies offer PBX or voice services, JoiBiz offers customers both services for $50 a month. It includes unlimited lines, channels and unlimited extensions. Customers simply pay a hosting and maintenance fee for the PBX, no matter the number of voice channels or extensions the user needs.
And the cost savings add up. JoiBiz highlighted a recent case study in which it helped a Florida-based health clinic save $10,584 a year with its business phone service.
The health clinic operates three offices in Miami Beach and Medley. The business had T1 service in two locations and DSL in another. In addition, the clinic operated a PBX system in only two of its three offices. To complicate matters, each office was limited to number of lines it could have. The company spent $1,930 a month for the services, including maintenance costs.
Clinic officials sought a new business phone service option from JoiBiz because its current system didn’t connect the three locations, Joe Egosi, CTO of Hawk Communications, told TMCnet. What’s more, the CTO couldn’t connect to the office from home. If a natural disaster occurred such as a hurricane, or in the event of a power outage in one office, the clinic stood the chance to lose more than $8,500 a day in revenue, Egosi said.
While two clinic locations had PBX service, it didn’t include features such as call queue or real time call display. The clinic also only handled calls with a receptionist, who often placed callers on hold. Clinic officials said they were unsure how much potential business their lost, as a result.
With the JoiBiz Hosted PBX solution, the clinic now operates T1 service in two locations and a 6MB DSL in the third office. The company installed JoiBiz PBX to handle all calls. Now, Egosi said, all three offices are connected, which let executives work from home. The PBX system has no limits to the number of calls it receives, as all calls go to queue.
And in the event of a disaster in one office, the system is still online and can continue operating, Egosi said. Employees who are working remotely can continue to answer the calls.
After switching to JoiBiz, the business communications bill went down to $1,048, a month – a savings of $10,584 a year.
“The business now is more productive,” Egosi said. “The clinic sees growth in revenue and higher customer satisfaction, plus the CTO can sleep better at night knowing his business communications is in good hands.”
JoiBiz hosted PBX offers users an all-in-one, cost savings services. Like the clinic, users don’t have to pay extra for maintenance contracts, or buy new PBX equipment, Egosi said. The service eliminates the need for customers to by, install and maintain costly equipment and an expensive maintenance contract. JoiBiz handles it all for $49.95 a month.
In particular, JoiBiz’s features such as Call Queue and Real time display help customers be more efficient. To increase the quality of service, customer can use the call recording and interface to listen to calls from any Web browser.
In other news, JoiBiz recently launched a new Web site JoiBiz.COM targeting small- to medium-sized business communications. The new site is a part of a growing focus for Hawk Communications, which has offered top communications service to residents and SoHo customers for 10 years. The company, a national provider of Internet services, is now expanding its reach to help SMBs grow.
For more on JoiBiz, visit the Business Phone (News - Alert) Service Resource Center here on TMCnet.

Amy Tierney is a Web editor for TMCnet, covering business communications Her areas of focus include conferencing, SIP, Fax over IP, unified communications and telepresence. Amy also writes about education and healthcare technology, overseeing production of e-Newsletters on those topics as well as communications solutions and UC. To read more of Amy's articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Amy Tierney