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JoiBiz SMS

JoiBiz Internet Filter

JoiBiz SMS Service

JoiBiz SMS allows you to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

  • Send and Receive SMS (Text Messages) using JoiBiz Dashboard, CRM or JoiBiz SMS Gateway.
  • 1-Click Sending SMS to any User/Extension using the Dashboard.
  • Receive SMS via email.
  • SMS phone numbers available in over 1000 cities in USA
  • Send urgent messages to Employees’ cell phone instead of leaving Post-It notes on their office door.
  • Remind your clients/patients of an upcoming appointment to insure there are no no-shows.


JoiBiz SMS


JoiBiz SMS Gateway

JoiBiz SMS Gateway allows you to automate and manage all SMS messages for your company
For example, import a list of upcoming appointments, and the SMS gateway will send reminder SMS messages to the client.
You can also send questions to the client via SMS, and get a report on the answer the client selected.

  • Send and receive SMS to unlimited amount of recipients
  • Receive & Receive SMS via email.
  • Schedule SMS messages on recurring or one time basis
  • Send SMS using built in Interface or by Upload a CSV file
  • Built in Phonebook, Templates, and SMS management
  • Survey/Polls Interface with reporting